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  1. No credit card terminal is required as all payments are taken centrally. Goods purchased by your customers are shipped directly to them from our Central Warehouse. FLP processes the online orders and credit card payments so you do not need a credit card terminal or PayPal account. You receive an eMail notification when each order is placed and then your bank account is credited with your accumulated retail profits on sales every 10 days. Goods can be shipped anywhere across the US (including Alaska & Hawaii) within 24 to 72 hours - also to Puerto Rico and other US Territories and AFPOs, which takes a little longer.
  2. No paperwork! Your retail sales profits are paid into your bank every 10 days, and your bonuses are credited to your account by the 15th of the following month.
  3. Affiliate Marketing - you have the chance to build a team of drop-ship affiliates who do exactly what you are doing. Experience shows that affiliate marketing can significantly enhance your business. You continually build your own customer base and help your team members to do the same. As if all this were not enough, our business is International. FLP is established in 155 countries around the globe and of these, 18 have online Aloe stores, so you have the chance to attract customers: (and new affiliates) in these countries as well.
  4. You will have the full backing, training and support of Forever Living Products, the world's Number 1 producer of Aloe Vera. Read more 'About FLP'


If you have always wanted to run your own business, working from your home office, choosing the hours that suit your lifestyle and your other commitments - then this could be the opportunity you have been seeking! And if you are keen on natural health and beauty, weight management and nutrition, aromatherapy, or natural animal care, then we have the best aloe vera-based product ranges to suit you and your customers.

TO QUALIFY FOR THE 15% DISCOUNT LEVEL the first time you place an order you need to spend $100 or more at the discount prices (your minimum spend for future orders will be just $50).

TO QUALIFY FOR THE 30% DISCOUNT LEVEL you purchase one of the special Combo Paks Combo Packs (priced retail $414.70) This first order will be discounted by 15% to approximately $352.50. This purchase will immediately move you up to Assistant Supervisor level so all your future purchases (minimum order $50) will be at the full 30% Discount prices. You have two Business Packs to choose from, so if you wish to specialize, you are sure to find one to suit your own main product interests. A saving of 15% on the retail price of The Business Packs detailed below will cost you respectively: 352.50 USD (Retail price 414.70 USD) for the 'Touch of Forever' Combo Pack, and 352.50 USD for any two of the Mini Touch Forever Paks (Retail price 2x207.35 USD = 414.70 USD). The purchase of your Business Pack entitles you to the full 30% discount on all future purchases. You may choose a combination business packs or other weight management pproducts such Clean 9 and F.I.T. products which amount to more than the base 414.70 USD Retail price to meet your particular preferences and which will qualify you for the 30% discount on future purchases. Please Contact Us for more details on how to optimise your choice of mixed products and qualify for the 30% discount. Click here for: Key Points About Joining FLP and for more information.

In addition to the products each Business Pack has a comprehensive Literature Pack, containing everything you need to launch and run your new business. When you place your order you have a choice of Languages for the Literature - English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

To join 'FOREVER LIVING' in the USA - or any other one of the countries that has both OnLine-Registration and full Online-Drop-Shipping of aloe vera based products in health and nutrition - please click here: Join 'Forever Living'

The Forever Living Products Combo Paks provide and ideal introduction to the FLP product range (see list below) at a generously discounted prices. They are very professional in appearance, providing the ideal "shop window" to display the major products. If you are serious about becoming an FLP Independent Business Owner you need the 'Touch of Forever' Combo Pak! It gives you the opportunity to test the products personally - vital research if you want to recommend them to others; it gives you the tools you need to learn about the business basics.

Once you have tried the products yourself, you will use the Combo Pak for your own Product Launches, or Aloe-awareness Evenings. Your Sponsor into the FLP business will help you run these sessions until you are confident enough to go it alone: what these evenings provide is a way to display the superb FLP range of products to colleagues, friends and family, who are the most likely to become your first regular retail customers. Our products are of such excellent quality - they sell themselves! They are consumable, so you will get regular repeat orders from satisfied customers. You look after your customers individually, checking their progress and offering advice or suggestions about the usage of the products (a service they don't normally get from their local drugstore or health shop). Your retail list is important to you in this business - you will find the Combo Pak absolutely invaluable in the building of the retail side of your business.

Once you start to expand your business (by taking on new independent business owners to build your own network), you will show them the value of using the Combo Pak to repeat what you have just done: build their retail business, then expand their network by finding like-minded people to form their own team. That is the basis of success in Network Marketing - you do it first, then you show a few other people how to do what you have just done! Most of us could reel off ten or a dozen people who are looking for just this kind of opportunity: you need to talk to each of them individually at a one-to-one meeting, where you give them a sketch of the business and establish their interest, then take them along to a Business Briefing (laid on at a convenient location for you every week or so by the local Area Managers) where they will hear several excellent speakers giving them the "bigger picture" about Forever Living Products - the Company, the Products, and the Marketing Plan. If they see that this business is for them, and they commit themselves to the business by buying their Combo Pak from you, the next step is to take your new recruit to the first-available Success Day: here they will see the full scope of the Forever Living Products business, hear some superb speakers giving highly professional presentations, and see other Independent Business Owners like themselves receiving recognition for their advancement up the FLP ladder of success.

Special Combo Packs for Starting Your Health and Nutrition Business
'Touch of Forever'
'Touch of Forever' Combo Pack

Item #001(E/S/N/R)
414.70 USD

"Touch of Forever" Combo Pak

If you have an interest in natural health and nutrition, natural skincare, and natural care for your pets, then this is your chance to have your own natural health business. You will be able to help friends, family and customers lead a healthy lifestyle, and at the same time build your business around these superb products.

Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Bright Toothgel, Aloe Lips, Aloe2Go Pouch (3), Freedom2Go Pouch (3), Arctic-Sea, Avocado Bar Soap, Aloe Heat Lotion, Ever-Shield Deodorant, Garlic-Thyme, Fast Break Bar, Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, Pomesteen Power, Royal Jelly, Forever Kids, Bee Pollen, Fields of Greens, Probiotic, Bee Propolis, Ginkgo Plus, Ultra Aminotein Vanilla, Argi+, FAB (1 can), Aloe Blossom Tea, Absorbent-C, Aloe Liquid Soap, Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse, Aloe Propolis Crème, Forever Hand Sanitizer, 1 pack of Product Brochures with price and 1 USB Drive. (choice of 4 languages - English-E, Spanish-S, Chinese-N or Russian-R). (Contents are subject to change)

Mini Touch of Forever-Personal Care
Mini Touch of Forever
-Personal Care

Items #076(E/S/N/R)
207.35 USD

Mini Touch of Forever Paks - provide the basic products you need to build your Forever Living nutritional and personal care business.

The business pack includes: the Mini Touch of Forever Paks (choice of 4 languages - English-E, Spanish-S, Chinese-N or Russian-R).

Mini Touch Forever Personal Care **New Product Mix** - The skin care version includes the following products: Forever Bright Toothgel (2), Aloe Lips (2), Avocado Bar Soap (2), Aloe Heat Lotion, Ever-Shield Deodorant, Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse, Aloe Hand and Face Soap, Aloe Propolis Crème, Hand Sanitizer, Aloe Scrub, Sunscreen Spray, Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, MSM Gel, Aloe Bath Gelee, Aloe Lotion, Aloe First Spray. Includes 1 pack product brochure with price, 1 each loofah and one USB Drive. (Contents are subject to change)


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