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Aloe Barbadensis Miller

 Earn While You Learn at Aloevera-USA

Earn While You Learn . . . . .

We offer you the opportunity to learn about our wide range of natural Aloe Vera and Beehive products and initially to earn a useful secondary income while you are learning.

For some people the products are paramount and they have no interest in building a team or in developing a large, high income business. That is fine with us - we tailor the opportunity to suit the individual. Interestingly, more than 50% of distributors in our business are men - mainly because the products are of general appeal, and there are excellent incomes to be earned either part time or full time.

Our large product range encompasses Natural Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Skin Care, Beauty, Cosmetics, Weight Management, and Animal Care (see product brochure for more details). You may choose to specialise in just one or two areas, or you can cover them all.

We also offer training in all aspects of our networking business, and we will support and coach you to help you achieve the level of income you require.

The Business

Forever Living Products, was launched in 1978 and has a turnover in excess of a billion dollars per annum worldwide. FLP is a privately owned company and throughout its history has been listed in the top Fortune 500 companies  four times. This success results from company values based on integrity and a never ending commitment to excellence in product development and dedication to accountability. More than a million independent FLP distributors worldwide share the goals and values of the company and are treated as extended family. In practice this means that each distributor is encouraged, supported and empowered to define and  fulfill his or her own goals.

The Business continued...

The mechanism that underpins this unique opportunity is a brilliant and generous network marketing plan, profit sharing and career development plan within a caring, responsible and supportive environment.

Natural Health is the fastest-growing business sector in the world today, and networking is the fastest-growing method of distribution - increasing ten times faster than conventional sales distribution methods. We combine these two growth trends, so our company is growing very fast. This is the perfect time to enter our business - we confidently expect to grow to five times our current size within the next five years or so.

Most people start this home-based business on a very part-time basis, probably fitting in just five or six hours per week around their other commitments. As they gain confidence in the business and start to move up the ladder to higher positions in the Marketing Plan, then it is perfectly feasible to work full time and replace (or exceed) their former income.

What to do Next

Please contact me so I can explain how you get started in this excellent and enjoyable business. I invite you to come along with me to a local open evening, where you will meet people in the business already (or considering joining us) and you can have your questions answered. We have a strong and enthusiastic team with unequalled support throughout - we look forward very much to welcoming you!

Key Points About Joining FLP
 Please email: Jane Rubin  to learn about this opportunity first-hand.
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