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AloeVera~USA and Forever Living Products

We offer you a global business opportunity that you can run from your own home office! Forever Living Products has locally-managed Head Offices in 155 countries around the world . . . and AloeVera~USA will be delighted to help you build your own International Business wherever you have contacts. There are many expatriate Ghanaians, Nigerians, South Africans, Chinese, Mexicans, Taiwanese (the list is nearly endless!) in the USA and in the UK, who would love to develop a business locally that could simultaneously be developing in their home country. The ambition to return home can be realised if only the means to support oneself and family can be readily created. AloeVera~USA offers you a pathway to achieve that dream . . . and if you have the commitment, we have the in-depth experience to coach you to success wherever you are in the world. See also FLP Global Umbrella and 21st Century African Daispora


Your success in building a global business is based upon the superb product range, a generous well proven integrated global marketing plan and on-going professional support and development to achieve your aims. Forever Living has more Aloe Vera-based products than any other IASC-approved Aloe company in the world. And that's not all: we also have the finest quality Beehive products, great natural Cosmetics, and a fine range of nutritional supplements.

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e joined FLP in May 2001. Six months into the business we made it to a major milestone: Manager, and in nine months we reached the first level of the Car Plan. Within three years we have higher monthly earnings than when Vincent was a Chief Marine Engineer, after 15 years in the oil industry! Many thanks to our wonderful and supportive uplines, our sponsors: Jane and Barry Rubin, Sam and Josephine Mwedekeli, and also to our superb teams who have truly caught the FLP vision and have remained focused.

Now in January 2004 we are looking ahead to another amazing year in FLP Nigeria. We are Soaring Managers (we have six frontline Managers in our team), we are on Level 3 of the Car Plan, and we are the Number 3 distributors in Nigeria. Our goal this year is to make it to Sapphire Manager status - that means we will have 9 frontline Managers.

We have been working in Ghana for the last four months, ensuring that we have some Key Distributors in place when the FLP Head Office opens in January 2004. This is going to be such a productive and worthwhile endeavour, working in a brand new FLP country! Please come and join us if you are ready for the most exciting time in your life - we will help you with training and support to ensure you have the best possible basis for success. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm, your commitment, and your energy! Please register your commitment right now by clicking here : Aloevera Team Registration Enquiries

n March 2002 I came to England for a three-week holiday, and I returned to Lagos three months later with an International business!! I had been working with Shell in Nigeria for several years and had a great lifestyle, but now I had a baby I wanted to start my own business and work from home. I could not imagine what I could do that would offer me the same rewards as working for a big multinational company - until Grace Udoye introduced me to the Forever Living Products dream!

Nown in January 2004 I am a Manager in FLP now with a frontline Manager in my team. This year my goal is to make it to Soaring Manager by helping four more of my frontline distributors reach the Manager level and to start living their dreams.

I am actively working with Vincent in Ghana and we are offering great training days and ongoing support to anyone who joins our AloeVera~Ghana Team. Please make sure you join us in building a superb team of committed distributors in Ghana, just like we have in Nigeria!! If you are keen to build an International business, FLP is in more than 100 countries around the globe, and we have great expertise in this aspect of the business. Click here right now to register your interest : Aloevera Team Registration Enquiries

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