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Aloe Barbadensis Miller
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15% and 30% Discounts Available on Retail Prices
  1. Qualify to buy our products at 15% or 30% discount prices by filling out the simple and brief Online Registration to become an independent Forever Business Owner (FBO):
    click here: Online Registration to Join 'Forever Living Products'
  2. Within a short time of submitting your application you will receive an email from our Home Office giving you your Login ID and Password.
  3. Go to the Login Page and enter the User ID and Password that you received in the email (you will be able to change the Password later if you wish).
  4. When the Main page appears just click on 'SHOP NOW' in the main Menu bar and you will see on the left side of the screen the list of Product Categories - click these in turn to browse through the products.
  5. TO QUALIFY FOR THE 15% DISCOUNT level the first time you place an order you need to spend $100 or more at the discount prices (your minimum spend for future orders will be just $50).
  6. TO QUALIFY FOR THE 30% DISCOUNT level you should purchase one of the special Combo Packs (priced retail $400 or just over) which will immediately move you up to Assistant Supervisor level. This initial order will be discounted by 15% to approximately $340. All your future purchases (minimum order value $50) will be at the full 30% Discount prices.
  7. If you would like more details or assistance, Contact Jane by email
Online Registration to Join 'Forever Living Products'

THE COMPANY: Key Points About FLP
Forever Living Products has just celebrated its 37th Birthday - it was launched in the United States in 1978. It is privately owned, cash rich and continues to increase profits worldwide continuously year on year. The company is widely recognized as one of the most generous of network marketing organizations worldwide. Read more About FLP
An Ethical Company
  • Top class Management Team
  • Global Reach - Head Offices in 155 countries (you can build team networks in any of these countries)
  • Recession Proof - annual growth figures for FLP speak for themselves
  • Generous Marketing Plan - and FLP reinvests 57% of profits into its distributor network
  • Additional performance-related bonuses and Profit Sharing, plus Car Plan and International Travel
  • GREEN! When it comes to converting CO2 into oxygen, 20 Aloe Vera plants are equivalent to one tree. With over 40 million Aloe Vera plants in FLP's plantations, these plants actually cleanse the earth of 2 million tons of CO2 every year!
  • SUSTAINABILITY - Forever Living Products By concentrating on 2 areas (waste generation and waste recovery) in 2006, FLP's Environmental Management System was certified to the international ISO 14000 standard and that certification has been maintained every year since.
Superb range of Natural Products for Health, Beauty and Nutrition
  • BOOST AND PROTECT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Aloe Vera drinking Gels and a great range of Supplements
  • WEIGHT-LOSS & WEIGHT-GAIN MANAGEMENT: Nutrient-rich meal replacement shakes can be used in place of one or two meals per day for weight loss, or as a supplement to normal meals for weight gain (for example, for sports people and athletes who need additional calories to maintain their optimum weight, or for people with debilitating illnesses who find it difficult to eat sufficient solid food to maintain a healthy weight).
  • BEAUTY AND COSMETICS: Sonya Flawless Collection
An Exceptional Business Opportunity
'Concept', & 'Principles' of the 'Proven' Forever Business Opportunity by Aiden O'Hare, Executive Vice President, Forever Living Products
Comprehensive Tour of Forever Living Business Opportunity

If you would like more details on our BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, Contact Jane by email

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