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Aloe Barbadensis Miller

Mission Statement

The purpose and intent of the AloeVera-USA website is fourfold:

  1. To provide information on the business opportunity offered by becoming part of the Forever Living Products (FLP) distributor marketing network. The principles of network marketing are analyzed and the scope and function of the Forever Living Marketing Plan is fully explained. The objectives are to inform and promote new distributors into the FLP business. The AloeVera-USA website thus serves as a global marketing tool to attract new distributor contacts. Once a potential new distributor formally joins FLP as a member of the AloeVera-USA distributor team, he or she will build his or her own independent distributor network following FLP principles of network marketing and standards of practice.

  2. To provide information on the properties of Aloe vera, and FLP Aloe vera based products, beehive products, nutritional/vitamin supplements and their effects on health and well being. The objectives are to inform and to promote product sales. All orders placed through the AloeVera-USA website are processed by distributors of the AloeVera-USA network team in accordance with FLP network marketing principles and standards of practice.

  3. To provide an updated independent research resource on the effects of Aloe vera in humans and other animals.

  4. To provide the tools to facilitate individual fulfillment and development in a global arena.


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