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 In Today's Marketplace - What is a proper Job?

Here is our answer . . . . .

At AloeVera USA we are developing a seriously different natural health and beauty business, using both the Internet and conventional terrestrial methods. We are part of a very well-established company, founded in 1978 in the USA and has global assets in excess of $2.5-billion (mostly real estate) and an annual turnover of over $1.5-billion worldwide. We trade in more than 155 countries, and anyone in our company can have an International business if they so choose.

The fastest-growing business sector in the world today is Health and Beauty - this is our business sector. The most successful method of distribution the world has ever known is Network Marketing, growing at least 10-times faster than conventional sales distribution. Our business combines these two major growth trends - and we offer to help any serious business person who would like to join us in this rapidly-expanding and exciting market.

Although in our company each person is individually running their own business, it is rather like a Personal Franchise. There is a well laid out blueprint to follow (as in conventional Franchising like McDonalds) but there is no massive capital investment - and no Franchise Fee payable to the Franchisor (for example, Franchisors commonly take 5% of the gross turnover - not profit - from each of their outlets!). On the contrary, our company pays bonuses and offers profit-sharing opportunities to all Distributors who become Team Leaders and build a serious business - although they are not employees, but Independent Business Owners.

The earnings potential for our Independent Business Owners (IBO) is phenomenal: as long as you treat it as a proper business (not a sideline or hobby), then within 5 years you can be earning between $5,000 and $15,000 per month - or more. Our top IBOs have earned over half-a -million pounds in the last three years, and they have only been in the business for a little over six years!

There are some major differences between income earned from a conventional job (a "proper job" to most people!) and income from a Network Marketing business. Even if - after 30 to 40 years in a conventional high-powered executive job - you finally achieved an income of $10,000 per month or more, at retirement you are expected to manage on significantly less than this. For example, you need a Pension Fund of roughly half-a-million pounds to pay a pension of $3,000 per month. Most working people, even top executives, rarely achieve this level of pension. The income earned from a solid Networking team after only 5 years or so in the business - say $5,000 per month - is a pension-style income. That means it will continue to be paid to you, month after month, as long as you live (and you can will it on to your family when you die).

It is a strange assumption that you need less money when you retire - just when you have more time in which to spend it! The lucky few (and we are talking about less than 5% of working people) will have a little nest-egg on their retirement - maybe they will go on that one Grand Holiday they have always promised themselves. On their return they will buckle down and work out how they need to conserve their money for the remaining years of life.

It need not be like that - in our business everyone shares the opportunity to retire on $5,000 per month (or much more) - after only 5 years or so in this business - and that amount will continue, just like a pension, for as long as they live. That sounds more like a "proper job" to us! This is a genuine, proven business opportunity, with an ethical International company trading in the finest quality health and beauty products. Take this opportunity to find out more about us now.

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