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Barry & Jane R.:We are both just turning 63 - an age when people tend to assess what the remaining years of life have to offer them. We worked in academic research for over 20 years, then when research money became tight, we decided to start our own home-based business. Since 1982 we have run our own computer consultancy which is still in operation today. The opportunity to join FLP as an independent distributor was presented to us just over two years ago. In the first instance, Jane refused the offer and I refused even to entertain the possibility of joining. I hold a PhD in physical chemistry from an Ivy League university and have published many scientific research papers in a variety of disciplines. I simply could not believe that the claimed wide-ranging effects of Aloe vera could be justified, let alone scientifically proven. Jane who has a strong background in lung physiology and cancer research, remained skeptical but was at least sufficiently open-minded to try some of the products. Joining FLP was at this stage still out of the question - we felt we were just too busy with our computer business.

After using the products over a period of several weeks, Jane experienced dramatic changes in her arthritic condition. The swelling and inflammation in her knees and fingers were significantly reduced, pain in these joints virtually ceased, and painkilling drugs were no longer required. So excited was she with the result, that Jane began to research in earnest the properties of Aloe vera. At the same time she wished to share this event with the world and so began to investigate the business aspects of network marketing with FLP. During this period, I could not deny the pragmatic results that Jane experienced whilst taking the Aloe drinking gel and the reduction in painful joints from rubbing in the Aloe Gelly. These empirical results happened, were undeniable, but surely required some explanation. I was forced to suspend my doubts and began to look at the research on Aloe vera seriously. From the literature I found that Aloe barbadensis Miller, the variety used in FLP products, consisted of a complex brew of over 75 different constituents including essential amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, mono and polysaccarides, sterols, minerals, vitamins, etc. It was clear from the scientific literature that such a complex mixture could in principle account for the effects of Aloe vera over a wide range of conditions. My arrogance dismissed, the research observations embraced, I tried drinking the Aloe Berry Nectar and applying the Aloe Activator nasal spray to combat my incessant intractable sinusitis which had been a problem since childhood. Within a period of six months my sinusitis was greatly reduced and brought under control without the use of antibiotics (and Jane says I now snore a lot less and at a lower decibel level!).

After that first couple of months we decided to join the FLP independent distributor network. Our reasons were twofold: to provide a second income stream for ourselves, and to help other people improve their health and well being (and their bank balance if they decided to join our team). After two years of hard work, we are now Managers in the business and on target to achieve passive income as we go into the new millennium. It is this passive income which will provide us with a very generous retirement or pension plan. From our experience it is important to emphasize that success in this business does not require any special background, education or training - just three personal attributes: integrity, commitment and caring for others. All training, support and strategy is provided by the FLP company.

Lisa G.: A friend of mine introduced me to Forever Living about 5 years ago. I wasn't looking for anything as I had a successful career in the computer software industry but luckily I was open-minded enough to take a look. I tried the products and fell in love with them and joined as a wholesale buyer. I did recommend the products and business to a couple of friends and things started rolling without me making an active effort. Nine months later when my company restructured, I decided I wanted to go in a different direction than was available to me at that company. I looked at all my options and decided that Forever Living was absolutely the best available to me.

It has literally changed my life. I am my own boss. I love sleeping through rush hour. I decide my hours and who I work with. I replaced my nice corporate income in 3 years and it continues to grow each year. I always wanted a convertible and I finally got one on the Forever Living Earned Incentive Program. The company has paid for holidays and I have earned 2 Profit Sharing checks which were much more generous than any bonus checks from old companies. I am passionate now about health and nutrition which I new little about when I started. It is incredibly rewarding when customers call you up and tell you the difference the products have made to their and their family's health, particularly when they are your own family. I met my husband through Forever Living (an unexpected and amazing bonus!) and he has joined me in the business. He is an Osteopath, which he loves but was getting burned out on the long hours. He now has a part time practice alongside our Forever Living business. We are looking to start a family soon and it will be so incredible to have a passive income so that I can spend quality time with the children without the long corporate hours that I would have spent to have this kind of income. In fact, it still would not have matched our passive income now. And finally, this business has allowed me to grow personally in ways I never even imagined - through the relationships that I have built with people from different backgrounds to setting and achieving new and more exciting challenges for myself. We all deserve an extraordinary life!

Ben G.:Having spent many years working hard as an osteopath, I could see another 30 or 40 years stretching ahead of me until I could retire. I had the dream of being self-employed, being my own boss, working my own hours, making a contribution to others. The reality was working from 8 AM to 6 or 7 PM, not being able to take time off, not getting paid for holidays, and my business running me! I had no life.

I stumbled across network marketing some time ago, and began my business part-time, with a healthy dose of skepticism, alongside my other commitments. Now I enjoy a full-time income from a part-time business, and an amazing quality of life.

I have scaled down my osteopathic practice to three afternoons and two mornings a week - because I love it, just not full-time.

Last year I got married, took a honeymoon in Italy, went to Africa for my sister's wedding, went on an all-expenses paid trip to Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Mexico and Texas - all paid for by FLP - and another trip to Atlanta and Florida. Eight weeks holiday in total.

Our income is not static or fixed, in fact it usually goes up month after month. We have just bought a new car, and are about to receive a large profit-share check for our efforts.

If you truly desire a radically different quality of life, or just a few of the good things that you deserve, take a serious look at Forever Living Products and be prepared to work hard.

Is it worth it? You bet!

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