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Nigerian FLP distributors emerge top world distributors
The Nation Online, September 16, 2012 In: Business | comment: 1

Founder and chairman, FLP International, Mr. Rex Maughan, recognising the achievements of
FLP Managing Director, Nigeria/Benin, Mr. Cornelius Tay and wife, Mrs. Caroline Tay
at the Super Rally, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, August 2012

Forever Living Products, Nigeria/Benin Republic, as an FLP country, just back from the company's International Super Rally, held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, has been making waves for its achievements during the event. Company's managing director, Mr. Cornelius Tay, spoke on the exceptional performance of Nigeria/Benin at this year's global gathering of nearly 8,000 FLP independent distributors from more than 150 countries.

What happened in Phoenix, Arizona, USA during the 2012 Super Rally was simply incredible. It was Nigeria's moment of glory, because at the time when our nation was not making any headlines at the London Olympics, with no medals for our participation, Nigeria was recording huge success stories before an international audience of multi level marketers."

This revelation was made at a gathering of distributors of Forever Living Products from 155 countries around the world. Nigeria was therefore recognised for her impressive performance in the field of multi-level marketing. He adds that: "The 125 - Nigeria-strong contingent that represented the country was grateful for the performance of the country. Contrary to what was happening at the Olympics, Nigeria was the toast of all the nations present in Phoenix, Arizona. This was made possible, because Nigeria came out with some of the best levels of performance in FLP World. First, Nigeria was ranked Number One in the world on Total Sales Increase over a period of 12 months, calculated from 2011-2012."

This is a special ranking used to determine the company with the most impressive growth in sales to date. "Last year, Nigeria was No. 2. But this year, Nigeria had taken the 1st position as the most productive company in FLP globally.

Another achievement was that in global sales in 2011, among all the FLP countries across all continents, within the topmost five, Nigeria emerged 4th worldwide. USA/Canada was 5th, Germany/Austria/Switzerland was 3rd, and Japan was 2nd. .The 1st position went to Brazil. This was a remarkable achievement because in 2011, at a similar event in Washington DC, Nigeria was ranked No. 11. So, for us to come from the eleventh position to 4th is a spectacular achievement within a year.

This was an accomplishment that brought a lot of pride and good feelings from all the African nations. To see an African country challenge all the big names, all the big countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia in the Forever World brought Nigeria huge respect and was seen as an indication of how successful FLP operations have been managed in Nigeria in the past one year. Yet, another achievement was that Nigeria took home the award for "FLP Company with Good Standing" in terms of overall management and operational efficiency. This award is reserved for FLP countries that had exhibited prudent management and integrity on an annual basis.

Another accomplishment of note is that among the world's top 12 distributorships, Nigeria produced three. These Nigerian distributors now sit in the Eagle Summit, the highest group of distributors who meet annually to advice on the future direction of the global company. This year, the Eagle Summit met in Bryce Canyon for five days and Nigeria was well represented.

This accomplishment shows clearly that Nigerians have mastered the discipline of multi-level marketing and that they are very good at it.

Comments (1)

Jane Rubin

October 8, 2012 at 1:18 pm

This is a superb article which shows how supremely well Nigeria has performed in the FLP World of 155 countries (and still expanding!). Forever Living Products started 34 years ago in the USA and has grown every year since, reaching over $2.6-billion turnover worldwide last year! In Nigeria the results have also been phenomenal, due I believe to the extremely well-educated and very business-like population, many thousands of whom have flocked to join our amazing business. It takes guts - and a huge commitment to excellence - in order to succeed in our business, but - gee whizz - are the results worthwhile!! Please do get in touch with me if you wish to know more. All I can say now is "Nigeria - Onward & Upward"!!


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